Ecumenicals are wrong - the Bible tells us so

What's Gone Wrong?

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Ecumenical Error

Countless numbers of people know the Lord's guidance, help and encouragement to make a stand for scriptural truth when the majority are going in the opposite direction.

God is guiding many Bible-believing Christians to reach out to those lost or wandering people who believe that attempts at Christian unity by the W.C.C. and other ecumenical groups are the work of the Holy Spirit.

What we feel that we must say to these ecumenicals is that they are wrong because the Bible tells us that they are wrong!

The Bible claims to have been given by the inspiration of God (II Tim. 3:16) and therefore must be true, yet this large Movement includes those who deny many of the fundamental doctrines of the Bible. There is also a strong desire amongst ecumenicals to co-operate with Roman Catholics and accept their doctrines and practices which are contradicted by the Bible.

Christians ought to separate from all such error and unfaithfulness!

Written Testimony

The eternal God of mercy and judgement has not left us without a written testimony upon which we can totally rely. God has revealed Himself not only in the created universe around us, but also in the words of Apostles and Prophets. Our English Bible is a faithful and true revelation of the mind and will of God concerning our need of personal salvation.

The Protestant Reformation of the 16th century gave the Bible back to the people in a language they could understand. The intervening years provide us with many wonderful examples of the liberating power of the Word of God - where it has been faithfully preached and tenaciously believed.

The most important questions a person can ask are these, "What is my standing before a holy God? Am I a real Christian, or do I just go through the motions of religion? Do I accept the Bible's verdict that I am a guilty sinner in need of salvation? Do I understand that there is salvation in no other name save that of the Lord Jesus Christ?"

Our beliefs determine what we are!

Men in their wisdom may offer us other ideas, but a wise man will listen to God's own testimony in the Bible!

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