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I Believe

by Harold Stough
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I believe in God, and I believe God. Believing in God means to me that I believe He is; that He is the Father of us all, is the Creator of us all, is the Creator of this universe, the Infinity of the stellar creation, and the infinitesimal of the atomic structure. I believe God, and by this I mean that I believe in His Word and in His promises declared unto mankind in Christ Jesus our Lord. I believe in Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God, Who was in the beginning with God and Who is the firstborn of every creature. I believe that in Him we live and move and have our being. I believe that Christ was the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us. I believe that He came to reveal the Father and to confirm the promises made unto the fathers. I believe in the Atonement: that He Who knew no sin became sin for us and that by His sacrifice He has not only offered salvation to all mankind, He has reconciled the world unto Himself and has redeemed His people. I believe He is now clothed in His post-resurrection glory and that He is coming again, as He has promised, to complete His work and to establish His judgements and His authority in the earth.

I believe the Bible. I believe it is the Inspired Word of God and that it is given to us as a revelation of God and as a guide to our conduct, individually and nationally. I believe in its history and in its prophecies. I believe in both the Old and the New Testaments, and that they bear the seal of His approval upon them.

These, in the main, are the beliefs of Christians, regardless of their denominations, and joyfully we accept this revelation of the Triune God and the revealed witness He has given in His Holy Word.

I believe in the Kingdom of God: its history, its development, and its promised transformation into a holy nation and a kingdom of priests. I believe that the historical kingdom was established at Mount Sinai, when the Israelites, released from their bondage in Egypt, were formed, after witnessing the might and power of God at the Red Sea and throughout the wilderness journey, into His Kingdom. To them were given the Commandments, Statutes, and Judgements, which would ensure an organised community of righteousness through the Law which we are told is perfect. To them also were given the ordinances that they might conduct their worship in a manner acceptable to Him. I believe that the Laws still stand and that our Lord Himself confirmed them when He stated that He did not come to destroy but to fulfil, and that the smallest part would not pass away from the Law until it had been fulfilled. I believe that this kingdom was governed by laws which were in themselves comformable to the great natural laws.

I believe that these Israelites, having been formed into a kingdom, consisted of twelve tribes, but that as years passed they fell into a decline and, departing from this essential "aloneness" with God, became a nation which put leagues, pacts and alliances with other nations first and whittled away the divine laws, substituting their own. I believe that despite the warnings of the prophets, proclaimed to them in each generation, they refused to return to God, and as a result became banished from the land ten of the tribes being taken captive to Assyria and two later on to Babylon, which had succeeded Assyria as the mighty imperial power.

I believe in the chronology of the Bible and that the "Times of the Gentiles" then commenced that this phrase means the time allotted to other empires for domination in the land and elsewhere until the time that Israel, having completed her punishment period, would be restored once more to world prominence. I believe that our Lord Himself confirmed this vital principle of chronology when He spoke of the desolation of Jerusalem "until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled". I believe that this chronology. has, in the main, completed its course, and that 1917 heralded this fact, when Jerusalem was delivered by General (later Lord) Allenby and the British forces, coming under British Mandate for 30 years; that now Palestine and the entire Middle East are again in the news because strategically all this territory is coveted by many large nations. I believe that the eventual destiny of this land of the promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is its restoration to the high honour of being the administrative centre of Christ's universal kingdom.

I believe in the national message of the Bible. I believe in the corporate destiny of nations and that their future is determined by their acceptance, or not, of Christ and the way of life He has offered. I believe in the continuity of Israel, that they were formed as a nation and that they were promised that so long as the sun, moon and stars endured they would continue as a nation. More than this, I believe that God will honour His covenants made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and that the Celto-Saxon peoples of today, as distinct from the Jews, are the "nation and company of nations" promised to our forefathers. I believe that Israel is thus the nucleus of the Kingdom of God on earth and that the great sections of the English-speaking world, namely Britain and America, with the related nations, have a great responsibility before God as the inheritors of these unalterable covenants. I believe that God's honour is involved, that He has kept and will keep His Word, and that a glorious future lies in store for the peoples whom He has redeemed through His Son.

In short, I believe in the difference between Israel and Judah, in the difference between the national and individual messages of the Bible, in the literal fulfilment of literal promises, and in the spiritual blessings which follow those who are in tune with Christ and accept the salvation which He has offered.

I believe in the prophecies of the Bible and that prophecy is prewritten history. I believe, however, that nearly all prophecy has become history and but few prophecies remain to be fulfilled. I believe that we are now in the period known as "The Judgement of the Nations" and that it is Anglo-Saxon Israel's role to stand in the gap, defending the Christian way of life against mighty coalitions of powers. I believe that the entire Israel body will yet again witness a deliverance by Almighty God from the mighty coalition of powers identified in the 38th and 39th Chapters of Ezekiel. I believe that militarily, politically, and economically, we shall witness this deliverance, but we shall not come through unscathed from the horrors of the last great conflict. I believe that Britain and America will emerge in the great victory of Christ, but we shall be stripped of all those encumbrances which we have assimilated from other nations during the time of our departure from the pure worship of God.

This summary of beliefs is of necessity presented without full documentation, but authority for these claims is to be found in the Word of God, and secular confirmation from the sciences of archaeology, ethnology, philology, tradition and the facts of history.

I believe it is the individual Christian's responsibility to accept God's revealed way of righteousness. I believe it is the nation's responsibility to establish Christian principles and practices, that the whole body-politic might be one body, animated and energised by the Spirit of God.

I believe in repentance. The last War gave conclusive proof that when a nation as a whole is united in prayer, God hears and answers. I believe that, as leaders of Church and State have frequently stated, we have a great purpose to serve. His late Majesty, King George VI, stated: "We dare to believe that God has used our nation and Empire as an instrument for fulfilling His high purpose". Our great wartime Prime Minister stated to the American Congress: "He must indeed have a blind soul who cannot see that some great purpose and design is being worked out here below, of which we have the honour to be faithful servants."

I believe that the present fear which besets the earth in the threat of guided missiles, atomic warheads, and H-bombs marks the End of the Age, but they also herald the beginning of a New Age.

God must, and will, intervene to do for man what man cannot do for himself. He will come to wind up history, to complete His work of redemption and reconciliation and bring us into that new and living way which He has promised.

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