Anglo-Saxons Are Not Israel?

God is Love, But What Kind of Love?

by Janice Dowse

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(A follow-up to my article re: the controversy in the Anglican Church regarding the ordination of sodomite clergy)

In my first article I discussed what God expects a man to be if he would aspire to the position of bishop or deacon in His church.

In this one I want to look at who and what God is in the light of what the now ordained sodomite bishop in America said. Basically he said that God is love and we should all learn to love each other no matter what our sexual orientation.

In part he is right, God is love and we should love the sinner, BUT NOT THE SIN. It is our duty as Christians to open the eyes of people to their sin and urge them to repentance, for that is what sodomy is – SIN. It not only goes against nature, more importantly is goes against God’s design and law for mankind. And again that is what sin is - TRANSGRESSION OF GOD’S LAWS.

God is not just Love, He is many things such as – a Spirit, Pure, Light, Just, Merciful, He alone has Righteous Anger, He alone has the right to judge and chastise (I know chastisement/punishment is not popular today but God punishes even with death).

He cannot look upon sin, anything less than perfection. We all sin in some way or another and the only way we are saved from rightly deserved destruction is by the covering of the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, if we will claim it.

God loves His creation, and He gave us laws and commands to live by for our benefit and well being. Male and female He made us in order to have harmonious companionship and to procreate that is how it is meant to be and sodomy is totally opposed to this.

God was so angry at the people in Sodom and Gomorrah not just because of their sexual deviations (their so-called alternative lifestyles) but because they had turned away completely from God and the pure and healthy life He had ordained for all mankind. Sodom and Gomorrah were like a cancer they had to be destroyed, just like a cancer they tried to spread their iniquity and draw other innocents into their abominable lives (any strangers within their gates) just as they do today.

We are told that the church must change and get up to date. God says He does not change and we must conform to Him not the other way round. Man is a short-lived transient creature, God is eternal, our Creator; He only has the right to tell us how we should live. God is the one constant, the one absolute in this universe and if there is any changing to be done it is us who must do it.

Day after day, as we plummet more and more in a downward spiral of sin and evil because of ignorance of the one true God, it becomes harder and harder to maintain ones individual faith. And this is just what the devil wants!

Our shepherds (clergy) do not themselves know the God they claim to represent, so how can they teach us?

The time has come not to bring the church up to date, but to turn us back to the Old Ways, to the faith of our fathers and relearn the truth that there is only one God, one set of right laws, statutes and commandments and His will, will be done at the end of the day.

When He comes to reign and judge us, there are going to be some very shocked “so-called” Christians, when He says to those who have claimed “God is love”, but have broken all His Commands:

….. he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity. Luke 13:27 (AV)

God is love, but what kind of love is He? Not the kind that lets anything go, “do what you like- there’s no right or wrong just love” That in fact is not love but the love that He is, chastises those who do wrong because the love that He is, wants the best for His creatures and He will do what ever is necessary in accordance with His law, to regain and maintain the perfect standard of health and harmony that He has set for us.

A Christian cannot be a sodomite, which means a sodomite cannot be a shepherd (bishop) of God’s flock, but a repentant sodomite can become a Christian and not commit that sin any more. No matter how nice these people may seem to be on the surface. Being nice is not what will save us, acknowledging that God exists will not save us.


Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble. James 2:19 (AV)

We are saved only by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and that involves repentance and a new life following Him, which in turn means obeying His Commands.

If ye love me, keep my commandments. John 14:15 (AV)

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